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Colorist Vincent Taylor hosts this 12-episode 'micro' podcast, interviewing professionals in the world of media - and beyond - who work with color. In Season 1, Vincent has 15-minute conversations ranging from digital cinema and television colorists, cinematographers, and art directors to psychics and tattoo artists. Producer: Kayla Uribe Executive Producer: Supporting Sponsor: Accelerate your career in digital video post production: read less
Colorist Paul Harrison: Winning Awards on both sides of the Atlantic
3d ago
Colorist Paul Harrison: Winning Awards on both sides of the Atlantic
Accelerate your post-production career: https://mixinglight.comFull episode notes and additional links: 1 of The Color Timer Podcast wraps: We chat with Paul Harrison, a colorist renowned for his award-winning short-form work and films.Paul Harrison’s professional journey has covered just about every corner of the industry that could possibly be painted 18% gray. Currently, Paul is the Senior Colorist and Partner at Residence Pictures and has completed the visually stunning The Killing Kind (Paramount +) and The Gallows Pole (BBC).From humble beginnings as an on-set runner, to learning the dark arts of telecine with a Pandora Pogle, to honing the look of top-notch brands like Guinness, Levi’s, and BMW; Paul shares his insights and his inspiration.One of the world’s top colorists, Paul Harrison has been continually ranked amongst the top three finishing artists in the UK throughout his career, frequently topping the Televisual Best Colorist polls as well as winning successive BTAA awards for best colorist.Chatting with Paul feels like chatting with an old friend, he quickly puts you at ease and I would imagine that this is something that would make those long hours in a color session so much easier.- - -Editor: Arthur DitnerExecutive Producer: https://mixinglight.comSupporting Sponsor: Home: