Cliteracy Consciousness

Mommying While Muslim

Feb 10 2022 • 48 mins

Dr. Shaakira Abdullah aka The Halal Sexpert joins us today to talk all things clitoris because let’s be real, how many of us know exactly what it is….or WHERE it is? And it’s a part of our bodies!!! As Zaiba says in this episode, “We don’t know what we don’t talk about.”

Find out about our God-given organ (and He does NOT make mistakes!), its power, and the ways in which men have tried to oppress us through it. Good news: female circumcision is another failure of men and internalized female misogyny to thwart female pleasure. This episode includes terms like “lick,” “kink,” “orgasm,” and “squirt,” so stay tuned for that, preferably without the kids.

Let’s fix that today and appreciate the candor and passion Dr. Abdullah brings to the topics of intimacy, sex, and Muslim sexuality. Don’t miss her advice to parents on how to talk to our kids about sex.

And let’s all get cliterate!


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