Half Our Deen & Compatibility

Mommying While Muslim

Feb 17 2022 • 46 mins

Half Our Deen’s team member and mom of 4 Maryam Adham joins us today to talk about how the company’s matchmaking algorithm works, what to expect when one signs up, and what certain results may mean. As a special treat, HOD reviewed Uzma and her husband’s online profiles to see if they were compatible and essentially, the right match for each other. Tune in to find out what they learned.

Explore how we determine compatibility and find our partners for life insha’Allah. There are some terrific tips in this episode on some of the internal work and questions we have to ask ourselves before we go trying to get married to another person. Do not miss!

Mommying While Muslim is offering ONE yearlong subscription to Half Our Deen for FREE, but you have to tune in to hear how to get it. That’s an $84 value with priceless rewards if a compatible match results insha’Allah.


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