Muslim Nutrition & Fitness Series: Zaiba & Uzma's Fitness Success 2022

Mommying While Muslim

Mar 3 2022 • 44 mins

Zaiba & Uzma were so excited to talk about Ramadan prep and the physical, spiritual, and mental work that has to start now, that they recorded an episode together documenting what’s worked so far for them. While Zaiba has been on her journey longer than Uzma now, it’s useful to find out what we aren’t saying correctly to ourselves, and within earshot of our kids, that can sabotage our success before we even begin.

Sorry, but the conversation that one CAN’T do something like make up their fasts, run a mile, or complete a perfect Pinterest Ramadan tableau is untrue. Allah SWT made us capable and barring any actual disabilities, we can and need to stop convincing ourselves that we aren’t enough to reach our fitness goals. Yes, we are.

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