The Diversity Pivot

Julie Kratz

The purpose of this podcast is to have the uncomfortable conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion that we all need to be having to PIVOT towards positive social change.
155: Jeff Joyce - Calling in Our Allies154: Chris Dale - What White Male CEOs are Doing to Drive Positive Change153: Anthony Paradiso - Being an Ally in our Local Communities152: Shanti Brien - The Roots of Systemic Racism151: Asif Sadiq - Moving from Activism to Systemic Change150: Phil Rose - You Don’t Have to Have a Daughter to be a White Male Ally149: Hira Ali - How to be an Ally for Other Ethnicities148: Patty Beach - Gender is a Social Construct147: Phillip Spencer - Moving from a Silent Culture to a Loud Culture146: Mark Fenton - How to Get More White Men Involved in Diversity & Inclusion?Season 7 Wrap Up145:  Teresa Sande - How to Battle Imposter Syndrome144:  Sorcha Mulligan - Diversity is not a Zero Sum Game143:  Rosalie Chamberlain - What is Conscious Leadership?142: Chelsea Akers - The Myths of Diversity Recruiting & How to Overcome Them141: Alyshia Madlem - What a Consistent DEI Strategy Looks Like140: Stacey Gordon - How to Intentionally Recruit and Hire Diverse Talent139: ​​Sabreet Kang Rajeev - A Window Into the First Generation Immigrant Experience138:  Stacia Garr - Diversity is About Conflict Resolution137:  Amanda Davie - Listening Strategies to Lead Like an Ally