Amy West

Woman to Woman

May 8 2023 • 30 mins

Amy West is a seasoned marketing strategist and commercial healthcare leader with 25 years of experience. Amy is dedicated to transforming the patient experience and improving outcomes through technological advances and innovations. In her role at Novo Nordisk, Amy has built and led an innovation center of excellence, focusing on digital and innovation strategies, and driving the development of multiple groundbreaking initiatives. She is passionate about cultivating collaborative relationships and partnerships, working closely with startups, academia, and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation in the complex US healthcare market. Amy champions change and revolutionizes the digital transformation space by exploring diverse opportunities using agile methodologies. As a leader and change agent, she is highly regarded for her ability to navigate teams through ambiguity and risk, turning uncertainty into impactful real-world solutions. A true visionary, Amy leads through influence and collaboration to identify, test, and scale disruptive opportunities, striving for customer centricity and patient experience excellence. We are excited to learn from her insights and experiences as we discuss her journey and the future of healthcare innovation.