Navy SEAL Finds New Way to Serve with Dana De Coster

Guardian Grange

Apr 13 2022 • 43 mins

In this podcast Guardian Grange founder, Mark "Matz", chats about military service and transition back into society with former teammate Dana De Coster who is a retired US Navy SEAL Commander with 20 years in leading and synchronizing fast-paced teams on high-stakes missions. During his military career, Dana experienced first hand the power and influence of harnessing advanced data analytics with an intuitive user interface, and he has merged his former skills into the civlian marketplace as the co-inventor of PATCH and co-founder and COO of Roper Solutions, Inc. where he serve a new mission. Roper Solutions, Inc. is a woman and veteran-owned technology company that is revolutionizing the IoT and wearables market with high performance, cost-effective sensing and communicating technologies.

We dive into the PATCH technology he and his partner Maeve Garigan, CEO use to track cattle for ranching. This same technology is the backbone for providing off-grid encrypted communication ability through cell phones for hikers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

PATCH is currently avialable for pre-sale through a Kickstarter campaign found here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danadecoster/patch-encrypted-off-grid-texting-and-gps-made-in-usa

Find more information about PATCH and links to Roper Solutions below:

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More buzz about PATCH

The technology trailblazer, Roper, has launched a new product to keep your team connected even in the most remote locations. Styled as a US flag, PATCH is an ultra-slim and waterproof device that is made in the US and uses the same wireless charging as a smartphone. Packed with the latest encrypted technology, PATCH pairs with your smartphone so you can text, share GPS and maps, and monitor your team’s activity—all without cell service, Wi-Fi or satellite.

Roper is a hardware-software company focused on high performance encrypted sensors for rural and off-grid markets, all proudly designed and built in the USA. Invented by a US Navy SEAL and a DOD engineer, our flagship product PATCH is the ultra-lightweight, low profile, high perfo