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Parenting Conversations: Social Media and Drugs
May 10 2022
Parenting Conversations: Social Media and Drugs
Drug dealing and human trafficking are happening every day on Social Media. In this episode, our guest, The Honorable Stephanie A. Bridgett, Shasta County District  Attorney, is sharing how she combats these issues with her children. Plus, she's sharing insight from her position as a District Attorney to arm parents with information to help them make better decisions when it comes to talking with their children about these difficult topics. Stephanie Bridgett is the first woman to serve as Shasta County District Attorney since the office was established in 1851.  She is a mom of 4 children and in today’s episode, we are not only getting her views as a District Attorney but more importantly, as a parent. She is a champion for training in schools on issues including anti-bullying, human trafficking and cyber safety. In this episode we're discussing:Why so many kids are overdosing from Fentanyl abuse, how to talk to your kids about Fentanyl abuse and tips to help you keep your children safe. How Human trafficking works in schools and the grooming processSigns to look for in your kids and othersWhat to do if you suspect another child is in troubleHow traffickers are reaching younger kids tooHow to get your kids started and keep them protected on Social MediaThe life span of the digital footprint MetadataLINKS TO RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:App-Send This Instead: different ways to say no for kids: about online human trafficking online: Social Media Dangers Online Nights: Request an outreach training for your school from the DA’s OfficeSTEPHANIE'S FAVORITESStephanie’s Advice: "Be Your Child’s Biggest Advocate!"Stephanie’s Current Book: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life- by Daniel Amen -’s Favorite Movie: Pharlap-’s Favorite Quote-People will forget the things you say but they’ll never forget the way you feel- Maya Angelou