Your Voice: Three Mistakes to Avoid

Ignite Your Confidence with Karen Laos

Jan 20 2021 • 11 mins

Your voice is the best instrument you have to influence others. There are three common mistakes we make that take away from our presence and credibility:

  1. Upspeak
  2. Being soft-spoken
  3. Using a scripted tone

Listen in to learn how to move beyond these so you can leverage all the power in that beautiful instrument of yours! I'll talk about how to get rid of upspeak, how to project your voice, and how being conversational makes you relatable and allows you to connect with your audience.

About me:

Karen Laos s a keynote speaker and leadership coach equipping women to stand out with unshakable confidence. She specializes in communication: executive presence and compelling messages. Karen champions female business leaders to own their value and find their voice so they can be seen and heard. She also works with teams to create cultures of trust and function at their best.

Karen has coached leaders at Facebook, Google, Netflix, Uber, Sephora, Sony, Microsoft, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Trip Advisor, Bacardi, Levi, and more. Karen’s style is fun, encouraging and results-oriented. She immediately moves past the “fluff” and gets straight to the issue (just ask her clients).

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