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The Spinning Master

Eleanor Flegg

The Spinning Master is an adventure story about a woman who travels to another world to find her missing brother. Written like literature, researched like history, and steeped in Irish mythology, this is sci-fi without spaceships; fantasy without magic; and a love story that transcends species and gender. Expect aliens, autism, and video games.

The Spinning Master is set in Ireland, in a dystopian and not-too-distant future. Ronan Lawless has vanished leaving his sister, Liath, deep in debt. When video-game magnate Ethan Blake offers her a job, along with a biometrically embedded AI, she senses he has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Ronan is held hostage in Ildathach, the otherworld of Irish folklore, by an alien species known as the Sí. When he is kidnapped by Faelán, a Sí from another tribe, he learns the truth of his predicament. But Faelán has an agenda of his own and Ronan discovers what it means to be loved by one of the Sí.


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