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Arcade Couch: Between The Cushions is our fortnightly chat about whatever we want before recording Arcade Couch. This supplementary podcast is perfect if you would like to hear a little bit more from your favourite Arcade Couch hosts and what’s happening in their lives outside of video games. read less


PC Maintenance, A Review on Death Stranding, and the Rise of Augmented Reality
Feb 5 2024
PC Maintenance, A Review on Death Stranding, and the Rise of Augmented Reality
Join us in a lively conversation with friends who share their thought-provoking perspectives on gaming, video games, and technology in this podcast episode. We delve deep into the essentials of gaming hardware upkeep and the importance of routine cleaning and maintenance for optimal gaming experience. Enjoy the humorous anecdotes revolving around the purchasing of compressed air for computer cleaning. The spotlight then transitions to an in-depth review and analysis of the game 'Death Stranding' by renowned game designer Hideo Kojima. We debate the game's merits, analyze game trailer coherence, and discuss how the in-game elements contribute to gameplay experience. This heated conversation brings out polarizing views that showcase the individualistic love for gaming and its culture. The podcast shifts from interactive entertainment to a passionate speculation on the recurring characters in Kojima's future works. Be part of the excitement as we talk about Kojima's tweet about Mads Mikkelsen's reappearance in the game, fueling further engaging discussions about potential storylines and character evolutions. Augmented reality takes center stage as we discuss its groundbreaking advancements and implications for our daily life. Our friends share their experiences about Apple Vision and mull over a future where high-tech wearable devices seamlessly blend with day-to-day activities. Amidst our shared enthusiasm, we also ponder the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to screens. Capping off the podcast, we examine the uncanny resemblance of new tech wearables to scuba masks and humorously speculate about the future of humans in a technology-driven world. We balance the tech revolution excitement with a reminder of the integral role and simplicity of eyeglasses in our lives.   [We tried AI descriptions this week...]