VET Tv Podcast


VET Tv Founder, Donny O’Malley, is joined by cast and crew, veterans, and guests from around the military community to give the inside scoop on everything VET Tv and their politically incorrect take on military current events. New episodes drop every Friday. read less

Our Editor's Take

Few people have earned the right to a good laugh more than veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Vet Tv, and the VET Tv Podcast are here to provide some comic relief to those who have served. The network's content suits all veterans, but is especially geared toward younger vets of Afghanistan and Iraq. The podcast explains and promotes the network's programming. It also touches on timely military news and controversial developments.

VET Tv Podcast features VET Tv network staff, who are all veterans themselves. When they speak on a topic or make fun of the inner workings of the military, listeners can tell they know what they're talking about. The show's host, Donny O'Malley, is a retired captain of the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted in 2009 and served in both Southeast Asia and Afghanistan. Medical issues led to his retirement from the military in 2015. He founded Vet Tv a year later, and began his second career as a filmmaker and media personality. The primary goal of the network, and the podcast, is to prevent veteran suicide through comedy.

One of the show's most popular segments features interviews with everyday, non-network veterans. They talk about current military issues with honesty, humility, and good humor. It all creates an uplifting audio experience vets can laugh to, relate to, and look forward to every week.

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