Two-Pronged Approach - Thai-Anh Hoang - The Revenue Maze - Episode # 025

The Revenue Maze

Sep 14 2022 • 43 mins

This week’s guest is highly skilled at management. She also led an international team for a Fortune 500 company. Thai-Anh Hoang is the CEO and Founder at EmBeba. Thai-Anh brings the unique perspective of being a female CEO to the show and talks with the host Valerie Cobb to share her tips on how companies can increase their revenue.


  • One way to get out of the revenue maze is to take a chance. It may be risky, but you can’t increase revenue without taking chances on different ideas or approaches.
  • The people who will most support you when you start out won’t be your friends or family, but other entrepreneurs.
  • Imposter syndrome has increased among many people now. CEO’s don’t like taking 50/50 shots so they feel like they are pretending to be qualified to do something new.
  • Men and women view risks and failures in different ways, which causes them to take other actions in these cases.
  • You have to realize there might be a difference between your users and buyers. It boils down to knowing who your customers are and targeting them.
  • When developing a product or a service, you want to make sure that what you are coming up with actually solves a problem for people in the real world.

Quote of the Show:

35:36 “Try to start a company a lot earlier, and take more risk. Take a lot more risk.”


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