Test Before You Invest - Diane Moura - The Revenue Maze - Episode # 017

The Revenue Maze

Jul 14 2022 • 47 mins

Today’s guest has been a consultant for 30 of the  Fortune 500 companies and has over 30 years of business experience. She focuses on business simplification, growth and profitability. Diane Moura is the CEO of ZenChange Marketing. Diane joins host Valerie Cobb to talk about how companies can drive up their revenue.


  • A great way to get out of the revenue maze is to test before you invest. Before you invest into a new tool, you want to test other ones and make sure you are comfortable with the software you will be using.
  • Before you put some money and marketing behind an idea, you want to make sure there is a target audience for it and that it can be a profitable idea.
  • Your competitors are not just offering the same service as you, they are also filling a separate need that your clients might have.
  • In the big picture, you aren’t selling stuff or things. You are selling a solution to a client’s problems.
  • You need to understand your target audience in sufficient detail so that you can identify the needs and problems that you can try to solve for.
  • If you’ve chosen the right investors and board members then they will have a mind for being nimble which is very helpful to an entrepreneur.
  • The product or service is the most important part of marketing.

Quote of the Show:

10:53 “At the end of the day, you’re not selling stuff. You're selling a solution to a problem.”


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