From Puzzle Pieces to a Legacy: Building Holistic Business Visions.

Un-Branded Stories

Apr 12 2023 • 12 mins

At some point or another we feel that our businesses are just a collection of puzzle pieces (you know from those 1000 piece boxes) with no rhyme or reason. This can leave us feeling unfocused, confused and uninspired.

Your business is not the problem, YOU are not the problem. What has happened is that we have built our business, our knowledge and even our strategies in a vacuum, by putting piece by piece together. And from time to time we need to take a more holistic approach so that we ensure that all the pieces we do have actually support our grand vision. It's about back engineering your business so that you are always supporting that big vision.

In this episode I explore how my Personal Power Chord framework can help you get started with making sure that the puzzle pieces you do have support a grand vision, your legacy and if not what to do about it.


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