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Jan 10 2023 • 8 mins

This is a break in the series of the podcast but I think it is an important one.

With all the "New Year" plan your year, word of the year out there, I for one feel a little bit overwhelm.

I used to do them, so I am not saying they are not useful, but as with everything, tools are like flavours, some are just not meant for you, no matter how popular they may be.

So instead I am offering another 'flavour' in case this is more your jam.

I am going to be running my powerful Future Self Visioning as a Masterclass. This is reserved only for my clients. But I know that this signature exercise is unique and different and especially useful in this time of the year.

I tried the planning workshops but they are just not for me, word of the year is a nice thing to have but it didn't get me anywhere.
But this! This has been in my person arsenal for the last three years and it's powerful because it takes you on a journey into your subconscious, where there are no limitations, doubts, or fears, and only your truest dreams and desires are revealed. (even some you never knew you had)

While at the beginning of the year,  we often focus on planning for the year ahead, I believe in flexibility and staying motivated and inspired  for the long run. And the revelations that happen during this masterclass will do just that.

With my help we will turn what may seem like nonsensical information into clear, actionable steps towards a fulfilling and authentic life that exceeds your goals and wildest dreams, instead of focusing on fixed goals we will look at creating milestones for this or the upcoming years, the point is to get you clear on your direction, the road you take to get you there is up to you!

Get all the details here:
Shoot me a private message on FB or IG if you have any questions!

Two of my all time favourite "plan your year" resources are:

Racheal Cook, Plan Your Year
Amber McCue, Planathon

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