Gabriel's Podcast

Gabriel Zamora

Everyone has a podcast but have you listened to Gabriel's Podcast? It's called Gabriel's Podcast because Hi I'm Gabriel Zamora and this is my podcast where I have open and honest conversations with my friends, followers or by myself. I talk about life, mental health, makeup, pop culture, social media, politics and current events. What makes this the best podcast in the metaverse?! I'm not sure because idk what that is yet but what i can tell you is that this podcast lets you into my brain and hopefully sparks a conversation. As an openly gay first generation Mexican American who has sparked some crazy online conversations over the years, i feel very confident in saying: my perspective is a perspective. Lol just know that i'll be making you laugh....or maybe its just me but at least someones laughing. Whether it be with the voices in my head, my friends or with my followers in my Dm's, I hope you enjoy my conversations. For advertising inquiries please email read less