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A Career in Beauty with Hannah Martin

Full Coverage

Mar 3 2020 • 49 mins

As well as the brand new New News and Highlights of the Week, we were so excited to see the wonderful Hannah Martin on the new series of Ten Years Younger, we dug into the archives and pulled out our last chat with the pal of the pod to revisit her excellent advice on working in beauty, how things have changed over the last ten years and we even got the inside goss on her Hollyoaks audition! This interview was recorded when Hannah was still working with Bobbi Brown and she gives us some amazing insight on how beauty brands work and what life is like for a makeup artist working inside a corporate brand.

As well as our chat with Hannah, we've got New News from Drunk Elephant, Pixi, L'Oréal, Glossier, Urband Decay and Elemis as well as a dreamy highlight of the week from Maybelline New York. Enjoy!

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