Resolutions For Eagle Living Pt 1: Moving From Guilt And Shame To Righteousness and Conviction

The Uprising Podcast

Jan 10 2022 • 36 mins

January is traditionally a time to set goals and resolutions for the new year and here at Uprising we’re doing  the same—but with a twist! While some are talking about weight loss or leadership goals, we’re concentrating on the mind shifts that lead away from the chicken coop and toward true Eagle living and abundant life in Christ! In Part 1 we talk about moving from shame, which creates defensiveness and blocks empathy, to a righteousness and grace mentality that helps us put down the fear of punishment  so that we can truly love well, own our stuff, and move past it. Join us as we kick off Season 2 and the new year with our series “Resolutions For Eagle Living.” You don’t want to miss this!