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Rahul Patel - Attorney, entrepreneur, and speaker
Oct 25 2022
Rahul Patel - Attorney, entrepreneur, and speaker
We always see the end result and, very rarely, do we know the backstories of how people got to where they are. Rahul is no exception to his, having started his journey with $800 in his bank account living in a motel and chasing his first client to prepay the fees so that he can make payroll to now running the 2nd largest property tax litigation firm in Texas. Rahul is one of the most humble, down to earth people I ever met and he shares his journey and some great advice to young entrepreneurs out there.Here is his amazing bio:As managing partner of Patel Gaines, PLLC, Rahul B. Patel leads one of the fastest-growing law firms in the nation, focusing on commercial and civil litigation, commercial real estate law, property tax litigation, and corporate and business law. A brilliant entrepreneur and strategic mind, Rahul has also led the growth and development of a number of other successful business ventures, including his role as Founder of Five Fitness Group, a flourishing fitness management firm, as well as PG Commercial, a real estate development firm focused on strategic commercial development opportunities in the South Texas region. As a dynamic communicator and visionary leader, Rahul is also a sought-out speaker. He thrives on making a difference through his strategic entrepreneurial ventures. As a mentor to many young professionals, Rahul is motivated by educating and inspiring others. Rahul is a leading attorney and entrepreneur in the state of Texas. He’s been recognized through numerous awards including, Super Lawyer and Top 100 Lawyers, San Antonio Business Journal Man of the Year, 40 Under 40, Best Places to Work, and San Antonio Magazine Faces of San Antonio, among others