An introduction to TaxDome with Ilya Radzinsky & Kelly Rohrs

The Capital Contribution

Dec 20 2023 • 30 mins

In this episode we dive in to the ins and outs of TaxDome. The features, components and use cases for one of the best practice management software out there.

Here are the all stars featured in this podcast:

Kelly Rohrs: Owner of K. Rohrs CPA , P.C. based out of Long Island. Kelly is a user of Tax Dome for over a year and shares her experience with the features she loves most.

Ilya Radzinsky: CPO of TaxDome. Ilya shares his insights as the co-founder of TaxDome and highlights some functional use cases, features and his take on the software.

I am currently in the tax trial phase of TaxDome and have been loving it so this episode truly brought me a ton of value.

You can get more information about TaxDome at

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