Katherine Studley: OnlyFans, Sex Workers and Taxes

The Capital Contribution

May 23 2023 • 55 mins

Did you ever wonder what  the tax and business implications of OnlyFans creators are like?

Look no further and join me and Katherine Studley (AKA TheOnlyConsultant) on a deep dive of the specific issues that OnlyFans creators and sex workers experience in the tax and accounting world. We also chat about Kat's journey and how she left her W-2 job and found her way to this unique industry.

What are the write-offs for spicy creators?
How does self-employment tax play into the tax implications of the industry?

All that and more right here!

You can find Katherine here:

IG: @the_only_consultant
LinkedIn: @Katherine Studley
Website: https://www.theonlyconsultant.com/