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Forces for Good

B Lab and Hueman Group Media

Forces for Good, a new podcast that tells the story of economic systems change through the lens of the B Corp movement.

Building on the foundation of our pilot season (a special series created in partnership with Finding Humanity, Webby People’s Voice Award Winner for Best Series in Public Service and Activism), Forces for Good takes a hard look at how businesses are solving the biggest societal and environmental problems of our time. Host Irving Chan-Gomez (Growth & Partnerships at B Lab Global) speaks with entrepreneurs and experts on what companies are doing to move beyond buzzwords, change destructive practices across industries, and drive positive impact for people and the planet.

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How can business combat greenwashing?
Oct 25 2022
How can business combat greenwashing?
Have you noticed an influx of products marketed as sustainable, eco-friendly, or recycled? You're not alone. As the global climate emergency accelerates and consumer awareness grows, businesses are increasingly leveraging green marketing to reach conscientious customers. But not all marketing is created equal. On the show, experts explain the problem of "greenwashing," when marketing is designed to make consumers believe a business is doing more for the environment than they really are. We also talk about how to spot greenwashing and learn from companies that are telling transparent stories about their environmental footprint. In this episode we answer:What is the difference between green marketing and greenwashing?How have businesses and the advertising sector misled consumers about their environmental responsibility?How can these same players combat greenwashing?How can consumer awareness combat greenwashing? In this episode, we discuss Patagonia as an exemplary B Corp. At the time of recording, Patagonia had not yet made their groundbreaking announcement transferring ownership to the Patagonia Purpose Trust and the Holdfast Collective, where every dollar not reinvested into Patagonia will be distributed as dividends to protect the planet. Patagonia’s unprecedented decision drives home the value of business taking concrete action to be a force for good. Guests include: Maria Correa, Head of Marketing and Communications at B Lab EuropeLuke Purdy, Director of Social Impact & Group Account Director at Wieden + Kennedy Sharoni Rosenberg Amszynowski, author of “WTF is Purpose” and Executive Director at the PwC Chile Foundation Hosted on Acast. See for more information.