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How can business take on the climate crisis?

Forces for Good

Nov 8 2022 • 27 mins

Climate crisis is not a looming threat — it’s already here.  Catastrophic extreme weather events are on the rise, and they’re taking a devastating toll around the world. Businesses are one of the biggest contributors to the crisis — and yet they are also among the most important players in finding solutions.

In this episode, we dive into the science-backed targets that a growing community of business leaders are committed to achieving as early as 2030. Our colleagues share evidence-based actions and tools that ensure businesses can adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility, and we hear from a producer’s advocate who is pushing for more immediate recognition and response to the impact the crisis has on farmers and workers around the globe.  In this episode we answer:

  • What role do businesses play in driving the climate crisis?
  • What tactical steps can businesses take to be a part of climate solutions?
  • Why should social justice be at the center of climate action?

Guests include:

Kubasu Agapeters, Operations Manager at Fairtrade Africa

Veena Harbaugh, Director of Sustainability at Sendle

Brigitta Nemes, Senior Manager of Environmental Standards at B Lab

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