All Things Jamaica/Wicked Heartless Teachers

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Mar 21 2022 • 1 hr

There were some teachers in my days in primary school who were genuine and cared for the well-being of their students, but  there were the ones who did not give a darn about you.They treated students like crap, especially those whose parents could not give them gifts or were not rich. Teachers resorted to flogging a student mercilessly for everything from chewing gum, chatting in class or the simple ill of coming to school late. Many of these teachers armed themselves with leather straps which they soaked in liquid to make it heavier producing maximum impact. Students were left with bruised egos, bruised skins and a lasting hatred for the teacher. Lets pause for a moment and ask a few pertiment questions. "Were these teachers victims of abuse themselves?" "Were they acting out what they were experiencing in their homes?" "Were they not aware of issues children may have been facing?" "Were they not cognizant that children may have mental health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD?" "Were they not aware of giftedness in children?" FOOD FOR THOUGHT! Teacher's use of words like "Dunce" to a child is terrible and believe me, I have heard the word levelled against many students in my days. Teachers used expressions like,"If yuh si yuh name pon bulla yuh wudda nayam it".  Many will not agree with me that this form of treatment was child abuse, but rather it was for the good of the child, or it was discipline.  So lets talk. LETS TALK DI TINGS DEM!