The Rewards of Volunteering

Paula Claussen

Our show delves into the whys, wherefores and outcomes of volunteering, both spiritual and concrete for all involved. Compassion should lead to action driven by a desire to make a difference. When you invest your time, your energy, and a belief in making a difference in the world, you walk away with pride and fulfillment. When you see your contribution lift people up and give them a better life, it is awe-inspiring. We examine the backgrounds of diverse volunteers and leaders, where they come from, why they volunteer and continue on this path. Project Mercy has worked with hundreds of volunteers from diverse walks of life for over 30 years. Our volunteers are unified by a desire to help devastatingly poor families living south of the US border, literally, in our own backyard. These volunteers help poverty stricken families build their own home so they can live in safety and security. We introduce some of these volunteers and donors so you can hear their stories. read less