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Navigating the Ins and Outs of Security Firm Insurance
Jan 8 2024
Navigating the Ins and Outs of Security Firm Insurance
Are you ready to navigate the security guard insurance market? Prepare to arm yourself with the essential knowledge shared by industry specialists Vince Polese and Greg Zschiesche . In our latest episode, we tackle the shrinking pool of insurers, dissect the nuances of liability concerns that have come to the forefront with cases like the Surfside Condo collapse, and analyze the diverse risks associated with various security environments. This is a must-listen for understanding the complexities and challenges that security guard firms face in securing adequate insurance in today's marketplace.Vince and Greg shed light on the labor dynamics within the security sector, emphasizing the growing presence of retirees and veterans in the field. They share valuable insights on establishing fair contracts and a meticulous vetting process that's critical for recruiting top-tier talent. Furthermore, we discuss how wholesalers like CRC Group can be a guiding light through these intricacies, underscoring the importance of fostering strong relationships and staying abreast of market trends. Whether you're an agent, a client, or simply intrigued by the inner workings of insurance for security firms, our discussion offers a wealth of knowledge that is sure to assist you in charting a course through these challenging times. Visit for critical pricing analysis and a snapshot of the marketplace. Do you want to take your career to the next level? Join #TeamCRC to get access to best-in-class tools, data, exclusive programs, and more! Send your resume to today!