How CRC Group's REDY Index Helps Retail Agents Win

Placing You First Insurance Podcast by CRC Group

Aug 20 2021 • 12 mins

The REDY Index leverages CRC Group’s collection of actionable data – the wholesale industry’s largest. It provides critical pricing analysis monthly, giving you a snapshot of the marketplace. The REDY Index generates instant intelligence on pricing trends by industry or coverage, enabling our retail partners to set accurate data- driven expectations with their clients. Removing the guesswork empowers CRC team members to negotiate competitively, consistently producing better outcomes, better deliverables, and better results.

This month CRC Group released a new set of REDY Index reports.  These reports harness wholesale’s most extensive data set to give retail agents a powerful tool to discuss pricing with their insureds.

Neil Kessler, Chief Operating Officer of CRC Group, and Garrett Koehn, CRC’S brokerage co-president, walk us through what we need to know about the reports.

Access the REDY Index Reports

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