The History behind the Guyana-Venezuela Border Dispute

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Jan 24 2024 • 17 mins

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Celebrate with us as Strictly Facts hits a milestone 75th episode—our heartfelt thanks goes out to each one of you for embarking with us on this journey of enlightenment and shared knowledge. Today, we raise the curtain on the contentious and historic border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela, a saga with roots tangled deep in the colonial era and now fueled by the modern-day allure of oil. Through the lens of the December 2023 referendum and the extended history of The Guianas, we illuminate the myriad facets of this geopolitical struggle, highlighting the stakes for indigenous communities and the sovereignty of nations.

Bringing context to the present, we analyze Guyana's strategic moves, including an appeal to the International Court of Justice and a call for US support, against the backdrop of Venezuela's territorial claims. Featuring insights from leaders like President Irfa Ali and regional bodies like CARICOM, we piece together a narrative that stretches beyond borders into the heart of Caribbean resilience. Join us as we untangle the complex interplay of history, diplomacy, and emerging oil interests in a Caribbean story that continues to shape the future of an entire region.

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