10. Zen Haikus: at the time of death

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jul 15 2020 • 17 mins

In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Rayshi, Retsu Zan, Ryokan, Saikaku, Senryu, Setsudo, Sharyu, Shei, Shokai, Shizan, Shogetsu, And Shogo have been narrated.

The Zen saints at the time of death have expressed their deep understanding  of life and death. They say that just as a frog hibernates and comes back, or as we change our old clothes for new, similarly in death we leave our this body and come back in another. Life is a constant change, and death is also a change.

They say that just as in life wevsay that this moment too will pass by, similarly this moment of death will also pass by.

They say that if we lead our lives by living in the present moment consciously, then at the time of death we realise who we really.