Navigating Family Relationships When Times Are Difficult

Vedic Worldview

Apr 30 2023 • 26 mins

Family relationships aren’t usually simple or straight forward.

This is a matter of design, because our karmic blueprint brings us into family situations where we can play out the dramas necessary for our evolution.

In this episode, Thom answers questions from listeners about the dynamics of family relationships during times of difficulty.

He discusses how to cope with family relationships that have broken down, and how to show adult children how they can make the most of their world, even when outer circumstances appear tough.

Episode Highlights:

[00:45] Q - How Can I Find Peace of Mind After My Adult Son Has Abandoned Me as His Mother?

[00:50] A - A Wry Sense of Humor

[02:54] Accepting the Reality of Your Child's Consciousness State

[04:36] Expanding Your Sense of Self After Abandonment

[06:22] The Transcendent Influence of a Conscious Mother

[08:14] Q - How to with Emotionally Abusive Family Members?

[08:28] A - Guru Deva's Message — You Deserve the Best

[10:22] Soma — How Our Responses Feed Bad Behavior

[12:33] Dealing with Soma Bandits in Relationships

[14:43] Good Behavior Gets Soma

[15:39] Not Available for a Hold-up

[17:09] Q - How Can I Communicate with Discouraged Adult Children?

[17:32] A - The Uncertainty Principle

[19:29] Creative Intelligence Always Finds Employment

[21:52] Be the Guru

[22:45] An End to All Uncertainty

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