Mood Making - What it is and Why We Should Avoid it

Vedic Worldview

Feb 20 2023 • 16 mins

Most groups or communities have a few pretentious players within them; people who wear a mask or ‘put on a show’ to attract attention to themselves and to elevate their status.

While one might think that the “spiritual” arena might be beyond such behavior, regrettably that’s not the case.

In some circles they might be called “wannabees,” but Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had a special name for such people; mood makers.

While they are relatively easy to spot, in this episode Thom shares the signs to look for in a mood maker.

If nothing else, this gives us an opportunity to check in on our own conduct and to ensure that we haven’t inadvertently become a mood maker ourselves.

Episode Highlights:

[00:53] The Temptation of Mood Making

[02:25] Faking It Till You Make It

[03:28] Badges of Rank

[05:15] A Big Blob on the Floor

[06:28] Our Destiny Summed Up on the Floor of Whole Foods

[07:42] God-given Parking Spaces

[09:08] Simple, Natural, Innocent

[11:05] Have a Proper Meal With Me

[12:20] "I'm Eating Brahman."

[14:17] Be Adorable to Nature

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