The Rising Tide of Anxiety - the Cause and the Solution

Vedic Worldview

Mar 19 2023 • 20 mins

Anxiety is a downward spiral that many struggle to control. It’s the price many are paying for living in an overstimulated world.

We’re bombarded with messaging from countless sources hundreds of times a day, and these are competing with our own restless minds, churning away with the same repeated thoughts, day after day after day.

In this episode, Thom explains the dangers of living in a state of “object-referral,” where you live at the mercy of circumstances, rather than a state of “self-referral,” where you have a solid foundation that anxiety finds unsustainable. Importantly, he outlines the solution, in practical terms that anyone wanting to take back control can implement effectively and swiftly.

Episode Highlights:

[01:03] Becoming Aware of Our Challenges

[02:55] Immense Rise in the Capacity to Commune

[05:06] Failure to Commune is Characterizing Human Interaction Today

[07:52] Meditation Allows Deep-Rooted Stresses to Dissolve

[09:58] Being a Time Bomb of Stress Reactivity is Not the Solution

[12:04] We Can't Rely on the Two Percenters

[14:14] To What Extent am I Individually Awakening My Fullest Potential?

[16:28] Accelerate Your Own Personal Development

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