Shruti - The Sound of Manifestation

Vedic Worldview

Feb 27 2023 • 16 mins

Vedic Meditators frequently report heightened perception of the sense organs.

Colors may become crisper, shades of light and dark may become more ‘interesting,’ subtler tastes may be detected in food, and smells may be detected, even in the most minute concentrations.

One of the most curious sensations happens at the level of hearing. In the same way that the mind is able to experience the subtlety of Being becoming manifest, the hearing organs are able to experience the sound of Being becoming manifest.

Thom explains both the mechanics and the result of this process.

For many Vedic meditators, this episode will be a revelation, an explanation for that sweet, sweet sound, humming away in the background as a constant companion in day-to-day life, and for others it will be a preview of coming attractions.

And for those who haven’t learned Vedic Meditation, perhaps this will inspire you to learn the technique so you too can hear the sound of manifestation.

Episode Highlights:

[00:52] An Arcane Subject

[02:20] It's Not Tinnitus

[03:49] Increasing Acuity of Perception

[05:31] The Nectar of the Bliss Experience

[07:29] The Sound of the Symmetry Breaking

[09:18] Divine Which is Heard

[11:07] Bringing Your Consciousness State Forward

[12:21] Symphonic Sound

[13:40] The Sound of the Veda

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