What is Reincarnation? The Vedic Perspective

Vedic Worldview

Mar 14 2021 • 48 mins

The subject of reincarnation arouses a lot of curiosity and debate.  Those who ‘believe’ in reincarnation seek to understand the mechanisms behind it, and those who don’t, look for ‘proof’ before they consider it a possibility.  In this episode, Thom explains the Vedic worldview on reincarnation, putting forward a case to satisfy both the believers and the ‘scienticians.’

He explains that the process of reincarnation doesn't just happen between lifetimes, but that it happens countless times within each lifetime.

He challenges the notion that reincarnation must be proven and measurable, while at the same time offering sufficient proof to even make the most hard-nosed skeptics think deeper on the subject.

He explores the process of enlightenment and describes the impact of ‘punya,’ your cosmic credit rating, on the choices available to you when the time comes to reincarnate.

Importantly, he also reminds us that the belief of Vedic wisdom is an optional philosophy when it comes to one’s practice of Vedic Meditation.  Vedic Meditation can be practiced with great effect regardless of one’s philosophical or even religious beliefs.

No matter what your current beliefs are, this is one episode you’ll want to listen to again, and again, and again... :-)

Episode Highlights:

[00:46 ] Belief in Reincarnation is Optional

[02:11] Reincarnation is For the Ignorant

[04:25] What is Reincarnation?

[06:16] Heaven on Earth

[08:34] Maya Koshas and the In-Between State

[10:38] Immeasurable Love and The Scienticians

[12:27] Unheard Of! Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

[14:39] The Body of the Senses

[15:45] Brain Dead

[16:36] Near-Death Experiences

[18:06] A Reflective State

[19:15] The World is a Model of Your Consciousness State

[20:58] Kitten Consciousness

[22:33] The Brain that Changes Itself

[23:59] The Body is a Reflective State

[25:42] Your World of Assumptions

[27:18] The Field of Being

[28:57] The Vedic Meditator’s Advantage

[30:32] Enlightenment - Cosmic Consciousness

[31:26] Consciousness Seeks Birth

[33:00] Punya - The Cosmic Credit Rating

[34:22] The Quickening

[36:13] Science-Based Reincarnation

[37:46] Consciousness Surviving Body Death

[39:46] The Constant Reality of Reincarnation

[41:16] A Highly-Populated World

[42:22] The Attraction of Wisdom

[43:54] Optional Philosophy

[44:32] E = MC2  - Whether You Are Jewish or Not

[46:02] A Brilliant Toaster

[46:38] Keep on Meditating

Useful Links:

Extra Resources:
Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience - Pim van Lommel, MD
Life After Death: The Burden of Proof - Deepak Chopra https://www.amazon.com/Life-After-Death-Answers-Paperback/
The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doige

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