Acorn to Tree Family Podcast with Tiffany Fitzgerald Speech Pathologist who Specializes in Early Intervention

Acorn to Tree Family Podcast

Feb 7 2023 • 29 mins

Tiffany  Fitzgerald works primarily with toddlers ages 1-3 and coaches parents on  how to expand their child's communication skills so that they can better  get their needs met at home, which leads to more joy & harmony at  home for the entire family. Tiffany enjoys using her social media  platform (@TalkTeaSpeech) to raise awareness about the importance of  early intervention & teach other SLPs on ways to incorporate  strategies that work during their sessions. She has two courses  available right now: one for SLPs who are looking to gain more  confidence about Early Intervention - it has all the details (from how  to coach parents & voice concerns to how to write session notes).  The other course is an introductory course for parents to learn more  about EI as well and how to make a smooth transition from EI to  preschool, etc.

You can find everything on Tiffany's Instagram (@talkteaspeech) or her website: