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JOO with Robin, Mike & TY

GET READY! ITS GOING DOWN! Join us and be a part of the conversation, LIVE PODCAST! We're sharing "OUR Opinion" on different relationship topics. It's "Just Our Opinion" with Robin, Mike & TY! New episode every Thursday! www.justouropinionpodcast.com/links
ABUSE IS ABUSE: How to identify an unhealthy relationship?Social Media Etiquette: Unspoken Relationship Rules.Break UPS: How do you mend your broken heart!Who's Most Likely...The game we probably shouldn't play!What Are My Needs? Identifying your emotional needs in your relationship.Prenuptial: Is marriage an insurance policy?LOVE TRIANGLE: Can you love more than one person?Dating & Dishes: What are the rules of "Thanksgiving?"Toxic RelationshipsBeing in " Lust vs Love": Why do so many young relationships fail?RED FLAGS: What are the "Red Flags" while Dating?Workplace Romance: Are there rule to dating at the workplace?It's Just a Dream: What does it mean to dream about former lovers?Everybody Just Chill: What do you do when tempers are high in your relationship?Open Relationships: Is monogamy realistic in today's relationships?Situationships: Can you be "taken" without a commitment?Fantasy vs Reality: How does TV & Movies affect relationships?Married Life: What are those difficult conversations you've had?The Honey Do List: Do it or Do it like you want me too!The Older The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice: Sugar Daddies & Cougars