Overcoming Fear & Leaning Into God's Promises: Stephanie Francom's Story - Latter-Day Lights

LDS Podcast "Latter-Day Lights" - Inspirational LDS Stories

Nov 20 2022 • 37 mins

On this weeks episode, Stephanie Francom shares various times in her life when she felt fear, but learned to lean into God's promises and exercise her faith - receiving peace and comfort.

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To watch this episode on YouTube, visit: https://youtu.be/HKI9NxOY_k8


Stephanie Francom is a publisher, writing coach, and personal development coach.  For more information visit:


Here are Stephanie's books (direct links):

1. From the Embers: Five Steps to Rise to Your Potential  - https://shop.rooftoppublishing.org/products/from-the-embers

2. Collective Brilliance: Spark Ideas, Build Faith, and See Your Ministry in a Whole New Light - https://shop.rooftoppublishing.org/products/collective-brilliance

3. Firm: We've Built our Foundation on Jesus (her family history stories, inspired by the story she shares in the podcast) - https://shop.rooftoppublishing.org/products/weve-built-our-foundation-on-jesus

4. Bound to Him: How to Lean into God's Promises to Covenant Israel (Coming Soon)  - "A Small Selection of God's Promises" (as discussed in the podcast) is available if you scroll almost to the bottom of the page... https://www.stephaniefrancom.com/


Also, if you have a faith-promoting or inspiring story, or know someone who does, please let us know by going to https://www.latterdaylights.com and reaching out to us.