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FRAMED: An Investigative Story

Framed Podcast | Wondery

A true crime podcast that seeks to go beyond the narrative and discover the truth. Both sides have facts, which picture comes into focus depends on how those facts are Framed.

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Our Editor's Take

How facts, stories, or evidence appear in a criminal case can alter the perception of truth. Whether the intent is to deceive or show the truth, evidence can change everything. Each episode of Framed: An Investigative Story looks at a new case and how evidence's presentation affects the verdict.

Each episode highlights the compromises and exceptions made in the pursuit of justice. Sometimes, it's an accident. Other times, there's malicious intent. The podcast examines many angles to uncover bias and corruption in criminal cases.

Hosts Aaron and Justin give their honest and raw thoughts on each case. After extensive research, they dive in with unscripted episodes and organic dialogue. Discussions follow the breadcrumbs to heinous crimes and the ideas they spark. Raw, honest, and eye-opening, Framed: An Investigative Story makes listeners question everything. How does the justice system handle corrupt investigations? Hosts learn the narrative that accompanies evidence, and how it can change everything. Listeners visit interrogation rooms and hear exclusive interviews. Framed is a potent new take on true crime podcasts.

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