Lynn Palm, Horsewoman, Champion, Trainer

Today's Horsewoman

Dec 26 2023 • 32 mins

I know you will enjoy catching up with Lynn Palm. She is a multiple time champion in so many equestrian disciplines that I have lost count! She is very active in the Western Dressage world currently and is giving Clinics around the globe. She also has a new book coming out.

Lynn has been a professional since 1970. She discovered dressage early on and used classical principles to develop all around show horses. While reaching the pinnacle of competition, she coached riders and entertained crowds with bridleless musical exhibitions. Always an educator, Lynn continues to serve on committees and advisory boards as well as judge and author books and articles for equine enthusiasts.
I have been blessed to travel the world meeting new people, all thanks to horses. Spending time with those who share my passion for horses is what I enjoy and look forward to for years to come.

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