Secure AF - A Cybersecurity Podcast


Avoiding hackers. Easy? With our podcast it can be. Stay in the know on cybersecurity tips, tools, and more in the Alias Secure AF Cybersecurity Podcast. Join our host, Teddie Underkoffler of Alias, as she covers a variety of cybersecurity topics with coworkers and special guests. No matter where you are on the cybersecurity knowledge ladder, there's an episode here for you. read less

Our Editor's Take

Hackers, phishing, and cybersecurity can be daunting topics. The Secure AF-Cyber Security Podcast understands what listeners need to know about digital security. It puts tech answers in one engaging place. This show furthers the basics of cybersecurity with insight, advice, and tips.

Teddie Underkoffler of cybersecurity company Alias hosts. The show researches a variety of cybersecurity and cyber defense topics. Now and then, Underkoffler discusses these layered topics solo. Other times, she brings on experienced guests or pros in the industry to add their insight. The dialogue is complete with fun interplay and lots of detailed insight. Whatever the topic, listeners can expect to learn a lot.

What will audiences get from this podcast? They'll experience in-depth knowledge from cyber safety and information security pros. Listeners will also discover the latest trends in cyber threats. They'll even get overviews and reviews on cybersecurity software, vulnerabilities, and strategies.

The episodes may be short, but they have all the knowledge the audience will need to discuss the day's topic.

What's the best SIEM tool for small businesses? How secure are passwords? How does someone get started in the cybersecurity industry in the first place? The Secure AF-Cyber Security Podcast answers these questions and more. A range of topics features from details of cyberattacks to high-level overviews of computer systems.

This podcast is a great risk management tool for ensuring listeners have secure systems. It's also great for general fans of information technology. The Secure AF-Cyber Security Podcast offers extensive techy insight to help listeners.

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