Nate’s Side of the Story

Talking It Out

Sep 8 2022 • 1 hr 13 mins

Nate is here this week, and he’s Talking It Out with Mike and Bryan! In their conversation, they discuss the Men Tell All and how Nate felt seeing Gabby for the first time since their breakup, Nate’s opinion on Gabby and Erich, and what it’s like being a #GirlDad. Plus, for the first time, Nate addresses the controversy that broke out on social media and explains his side of the story!  Then, in their Hot Takes of the week, Mike and Bryan discuss whether being intimate with more than one person in the Fantasy Suites is considered cheating. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit