The Extremis Publishing Podcast

Extremis Publishing Ltd.

Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Scotland, specialising in arts, media and culture non-fiction. Join us as we chat with our authors, talk about new books, and discuss all things writing. (Some episodes may contain adult language.)

Writers Talk About Their Work with Julie ChristieFive Favourite TV Shows with Colin M. Barron“Secrets and Mysteries of the Heart 200 Route” by Thomas A. Christie and Julie Christie“Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge” by Murray CookBurns Night Special“A Very Spectrum Christmas” by Thomas A. ChristieIndigenous Wisdom and Environmental Sustainability with Joy HendryScottish Traditions of HalloweenFive Favourite Films with Murray Cook"An Affair with a Village" by Joy Hendry“Waiting in the Wings” by Gaye ManwaringThe Great Scottish Road Trip with David M. AddisonWriters Talk About Their Work with Ian McNeishFive Favourite Books with Colin M. Barron“The Anvil of Scottish History” by Murray Cook“The Grocer’s Boy Rides Again” by Robert MurrayFive Favourite Films with Thomas A. ChristieA Brief History of Christmas in Scotland“From Dumyat to Mont Blanc” by Ian McNeish“Exploring the Snow Roads” by David M. Addison