Bag Man

MSNBC, Rachel Maddow

Is it possible for an American Vice President to carry out a criminal enterprise inside the White House and have nobody remember? To have one of the most brazen political bribery scandals in American history play out before the country while nobody’s paying attention? In her first original podcast, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes back 45 years to dig into a story that got overshadowed in its day. There’s intrigue. Corruption. Envelopes of cash delivered to the White House. It’s a story that’s not well known, but it probably should be. Especially today. Bag Man. A Rachel Maddow podcast from MSNBC. Listen to the Peabody Award-nominated series now. read less

Our Editor's Take

Rachel Maddow tells of the corruption and criminality of Richard Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, in the Bag Man podcast from MSNBC. Listeners may recognize Maddow from the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Her professional journalism and enthusiasm for the truth shine through in each episode. This true crime podcast highlights White House scandals. It also nudges listeners to consider how history can, and has, repeated itself.

On Bag Man, Maddow examines Agnew's role as vice president and his crimes. The son of Greek immigrants, he rose from Baltimore's county executive to the governor of Maryland in four years. In another two, he was President Nixon's vice president. This seemed to come out of nowhere, as Agnew had no prior connection to Nixon. In 1973, federal investigators discovered Agnew's part in countless crimes.

Maddow focuses on the Nixon White House and its corruption. She discusses the audacious cover-up and Agnew's disputes with the justice department.

Bag Man is a podcast that reminds listeners of political history. This podcast features personal recollections from those who investigated the case. There are even accounts from Agnew's lawyer. Maddow reports a wild story. These first-hand accounts remind listeners that these outrageous events really happened.

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