“I’m Too Sacred for That” with Dr. Christena Cleveland

Please Say Black

Mar 11 2022 • 45 mins

Dr.Christena Cleveland joins me for the premiere episode of Please Say Black. Dr. Cleveland expands upon her latest book, God is a Black Woman.  Dr. Cleveland shares the significance of self-compassion in Black Liberation and communal healing. Together, we hold space to name the sacredness of Blackness. During this episode, Christina mentions the significance of Palestian theology and I also talk about Claudette Colvin. To find out more about Dr. Christena’s work check out her website and feel free to purchase your copy of God is a Black Woman here. Lastly, join the spring Black Book Exchange at either The AntiBlackness Reader project or Divesting from Whiteness platform.

"She believed in a future she had no evidence for..." - Tananarive Due