Get Your GROUP On

Travel Biz CEO

Jun 24 2021 • 33 mins

We are back! Welcome back to Season 2 of the Travel Biz CEO Podcast. We are so excited to kick off our second season of Travel Biz CEO with a topic that is near and dear to all of us: group travel planning.  The Group business model has a lot of appeal for travel advisors. For many it can mean fewer trips to plan, and larger commission checks. It also can lead to individual travel from your group members.  In the travel industry the current teachings focus on the Joint Venture model: Find a pied piper or group leader and have them promote and fill the group in exchange for a share of the commission or a TC - tour conductor credit.  However, more and more travel advisors are expressing their desire to lead group trips. And it sounds wonderful on the onset!  The travel advisor works intently behind the scenes. They pick the right supplier. They curate an incredible itinerary.  They go to announce, and then....crickets. The group doesn't fill. What went wrong? For more information and show notes visit https://blog.kinshiptravelacademy.com/?p=335&preview=true (https://blog.kinshiptravelacademy.com/get-your-group-on/) For more information about KTA Adventures visit https://kinshiptravelacademy.com/ktaadventures