Taking Your Clients from Quote to Close

Travel Biz CEO

Nov 18 2021 • 37 mins

On this week's episode Krystal Eicher has a conversation with Dana Zificsak. They talk about the 3 steps it an agent needs to focus on to take their client from Quote to Close. In her 8 years as a travel agent, Dana has booked thousands of vacations for clients and developed and delivered training programs for travel professionals. A teacher at heart, prior to joining the travel industry, she taught Spanish for 10 years. Just like how she used to break down the Spanish language for her students, she breaks down the language of sales and marketing so agents can close more bookings.  She teaches a step-by-step quoting and closing process to help you close more sales.  Every Monday, she sends out 3 post ideas to get your social media content going for the week. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3b83MCz (https://bit.ly/3b83MCz)  To learn more about what Dana and Krystal have been collaborating on visit https://travelagentbusinessbundle.com (https://travelagentbusinessbundle.com) For show notes and transcripts visit https://blog.kinshiptravelacademy.com (https://blog.kinshiptravelacademy.com)