Get Your Legal On with special guest Glinnesa Gaillard

Travel Biz CEO

Apr 8 2021 • 47 mins

This week Travel Biz CEO was thrilled to welcome Glinnesa Gaillard to the podcast.  Glinnesa brings her wisdom as a Travel Business Owner and a licensed attorney, where she combines her passions for both and teaches other travel entrepreneurs how to set themselves up as business owners so they can enjoy long term success.  In this episode we cover: What you need to get started in the travel industry. Who is on your squad? Contracts - why are they important? How did COVID change the way we do business. What if you can’t afford a lawyer? What are the top mistakes Travel Business Owners make when it comes to their legal foundations.  For more show notes, you can read more about this weeks episode and more about Glinnesa at https://blog.kinshiptravelacademy.com/travel-biz-ceo-legal-questions-with-glinnesa-gailliard/ *This episode contains legal tips and observations from Glinnesa and Krystal and is not to be construed as legal advice. Always, always, ALWAYS consult with YOUR squad and YOUR attorney.