Season 9, Episode 97: Guest: Mike Calhoun: How Important it is to Be Understood

The Culture Matters Podcast

Oct 7 2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

Mike Calhoun is the Founder & CEO of Board of Advisors, the world’s greatest community for founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, investors, marketers, e-commerce moguls, business developers and high level decision makers. Mike has over 27 years of consecutive entrepreneurial ownership experience and an endless rolodex to compliment.

Calhoun is also an advisor, owner and investor in multiple companies and brands within BA. He established this global community of wildly successful entrepreneurs to work together with the mindset of competitively contributing to each other by doing three things: "Solving problems, Sharing Strategies and Shorting the Path".

In this episode Mike and Jay discuss the importance of being understood, how to get to the root of desire, and how important culture is! This is a second time appearance for Mike and we are excited to present this next episode to you!