Life Between Lives, Reincarnation, Past Life Review, and Soul's Purpose

One More Thing Before You Go

Jun 22 2022 • 57 mins

In this episode: What if we had an opportunity to get a review of our lives from the past and how it relates to us in the present? What if we didn't have to wait to die to go to heaven? How about a way to discover your soul's true purpose for this life, and why advanced souls choose harder lives? In this episode we're going to answer these questions and more when we talk to a woman who shares her experience, and how you can experience it as well. I'm your host Michael Herst and this is One More Thing Before You Go. HOW DOES Past Life Regression WORK? WHAT EXACTLY IS Life Between Lives (LBL)? What Really Happens in Heaven? A Near Death Experience Without the Death? Does our Soul HAVE A Journey? Can we meet our Spirit Guide? What is a Soul Family? How do we Receive Guidance from our Council of Wise Elders? My guest in this episode is Vondie Lozano, she is a Michael Newton Institute Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator. Vondie was led to Life Between Lives Hypnosis by her dog, which helped prepare her for the loss of her disabled mom. Vondie also has a background as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychology Professor who was featured in Cosmopolitan, L.A. Parent Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. In this episode she’s going to provide our listeners a glimpse into the afterlife, and what our soul does after we die, before we’re born into a new life.  MORE INFO AT: ( #onemorethingbeforeyougopodcast #Applepodcasts #Spotifypodcast #AmazonPodcasts #Podcasts #Pastlives #pastliferegression #lifebetweenlives #Neardeathexperience This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn -